Ingénieurs Conseil Cement Engineering

Mechanical & Process engineering

Ingénieurie Mécanique et ProcédéOur mechanical engineers count between 18 to 30 years of experience in the cement, process and mechanical engineering. It includes project management, design and construction of heavy industrial plants, as well as several plant commissioning or plant revamping. The department has also performed planning, coordination, and supervision for plant process equipment erection.

  • Plant design (capacity, design of equipment for raw material crushing, milling, clinker production and cement milling, plant lay-out and flow sheets)
  • Calculation of mix (SM/LSF, Alumina Ratio), Alkalis and by-pass engineering
  • Process optimization (fuel, electrical power, coal milling)

Process engineering...

  • Process and environmental control equipment specifications
  • Process and operation studies
  • Plant optimization
  • Environmental Improvements

Mechanical engineering...

  • Equipment flow diagrams
  • Equipment sizing and specifications
  • Equipment installation and operating cost estimates
  • Analysis of tenderer’s proposals
  • Contractor’s drawings review
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Construction support and start-up assistance